The Company

AMSCO Ltd is a privately owned holding company registered in the United Kingdom with a branch office in Belgium and its subsidiaries in Nigeria. It is involved in trading, project initiation and management in Europe and Africa with direct investments in Nigeria.

Its Subsidiaries


  • M&V Creations Europe ltd - Importer of Amina's Jewellery
  • M&V Creations Nigeria ltd - Manufacturer of Amina's jewellery

    Vehicles, Radio & Secure Communication, Equipment & Lighting Systems

  • AMSCO Limited UK- Exclusive distributor of the Xaos Gamma encryption mobile phone for Europe and Africa.
  • AMSCO Nigeria Ltd - Exclusive importer for Piaggio group  
  • AMC Nigeria Ltd - Supplier of specialised vehicles and Communication Systems
  • TAMBCO United Nigeria Ltd - Supplier of Hybrid Lighting Systems

    Subsidiaries in Nigeria have over twenty years experience.

    Its Branch Office

    AMSCO Ltd has its branch office in Brussels, Belgium. Brussels is a strategic location that helps coordinate all export to our subsidiaries. The branch office also provides support on a marketing, project initiation and research level for all subsidiaries in Nigeria. 

    Poverty Alleviation Programme

    AMSCO Ltd is involved in poverty alleviation programmes in Nigeria. Click here to know more

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