Production and Marketing of Coldecor Flake paints and Rollplast

Coldecor and Rollplast can be applied inside or outside buildings and a special range are reserved for floor painting. These paints are very resistant especially for tropical climates. They are also very pleasant in colour tones and in finishings (rough, smooth, marble effect rough or smooth) and are guaranteed for five years. These paints are easily maintained and stains are easily removed.

You can even use bleach to clean your walls without damaging the paint.
We have over ten years experience with Coldecor and Rollplast in Nigeria.
We have applied the paints inside the private residence of the first lady of Nigeria, Mega Plaza Lagosí most famous Shopping Mall was painted inside and outside with Coldecor paints, the main hall governorís office Lagos State; Elf head office Lagos, Value Mart (Supermarket), Banking halls, private homes and other renown locations.

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