Rider Accessories

Rider accessories for Law Enforcement Agencies differ from civilian ones. Specific requirements vary from one agency to the next. We provide rider accessories according to your requirements. The brochure below shows the most used rider accessories for law enforcement. In addition, we invite you to check our range of civilian rider accessories for other models.

  Radio Communication Systems

Each patrol whether they are on motorcycles, boats, vans, cars or on foot need to be able to communicate amongst each other rapidly and efficiently. For this, Amsco uses portable & mobile radios and repeater base units from Kenwood Radio Communication Systems.  The system does not only include the products used by the patrols but also installs the communication network for every location. Amsco uses state of the art technology and renewable energy to provide the best solution. For more information, send us an email at .


Rider Accessories for Law Enforcement Agencies